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Wonder Folky

by david brockman

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Busy Day 03:43
It’s a busy day Along a busy street All these people rushing by Who they all are i’ll never know And maybe we’re not meant to try There’s a little boy who’s fallen down He’s crying out for kingdom come But his mother’s arms come to save the day And soon they’re on their way Through the rain It’s a busy day Down this busy street And a hundred bargains for me to buy Where i’ll start, i can’t decide Perhaps a brolly to keep me dry There’s a pretty girl walking just ahead She skips along as she sees a friend And her smiling face shines for all to see Well i wonder if she’ll notice me Passing by
Waiting 02:18
I’m waiting for the sun to rise To clear my thoughts To cleanse my eyes I’m waiting for the day to break To hear your voice i cannot wait I’m sneaking out of bedroom door And down the steps To garden new I’m breathing deep the scented air And picking flowers and sipping dew so clear For today will be our day My love I’m making fast your favourite dish With whistled tune like birds aloft I’m writing down my tender words With joyful pen and eager heart I’m climbing up the creaky stairs With flowers bloom and breakfast hot You see me now and a smile a face That sets me free in swirling wave so clear And today is our day My love.
High Time 02:50
Hey you, what do you think you’re leaving What do you think you’re leaving behind Hey pride, can you feel i’m hurting Can you see that i’m trying to hide (chorus) It’s been a long while since i heard It’s been a long while since the word And it’s high time Hey sun, can you sense that you’re shining And do you know that the truth lies beyond your light Hey sea, can you know where you’re drifting Can you feel that you’re moving away from me (chorus)
Temptress 03:50
Sweet temptress; how fine you know you are They watch you as you parade their love Like a raven butterfly Your blush consumes their all consuming eye How they try You see them spinning all in front of your eyes (chorus) Heh, heh hello Sweet summertime; sing with breezes divine It’s always the same How they dance, how they sway But the seasons still change And you’ve watched all those lovers floating by All your life Sweet temptress; you sensed your power released Intrinsic; they soon fell at your feet Their sweet fantasies You’ve seen through all their secrets and their lies Fantasise You see them spinning right in front of your eyes (chorus) And it’s over, you know it’s over All your life, all your life They’ll fall so soon.
Deliverance 03:17
I hear the cry Distant, but surely my saviour Yesi hear the cry of things to be And i can’t deny I thought it would never be over I thought that the world had forgotten me (chorus) And a fortune won or lost Its not for me to say Nor a father’s wish to wed and settle down But all i have, i’ll give Yes sweet deliverance I know that your work will be done Now comes a light It’s asking to be at my centre A glorious light has called on me And why deny This moment can live on forever This moment is shaping my life to be (chorus)
You look so far, so far away Lost in that private world Maybe there to stay Your coffee’s cold, your meal untouched But who’s to know You’re where you love You’re laughing, you’re playing, you’re chasing the rains away You’re joking, you’re hoping That your best friend can stay There’s chocolate on your face And your mother says that it’s a disgrace So soon, so soon to dinnertime It’s nearly gone five
When the flames die down what remains Small white lies, downcast eyes With the morning sun, your race is run Speckled threads still fill your head In the lingering doubts the beauty fades The storms roll in; where to begin When all seems lost, face the cost You belong with nature’s song And the notes up high; they’re piercing through But the song remains; it waits for you In the quiet times, we’ll hear again It’s nature’s way in the end.
He rules like a king; grabs everything Smiles milky grins. Then he screams his awful din He eats all your toys, turns up the noise Worships the new But you love him because he’s you Yeah, yeah, yeah and he is invincible Oh my my that’s quite a mess there The party’s over; best get undressed Heh, i’ll run around now as the naked little pest Yeh, they’ll look and laugh And daddy, he’ll try his best Oh little mathew, baby mark and little john Tiny linda, funny jane and cute evonne Where are you now, what have you done Just don’t forget you’re here for fun Best not forget, your time will come
Blues Lazy 02:27
Such a lazy time in my life And in my world The sun is rising high But i can’t help myself I’ve been wild; i’ve been wrong Mistaken for someone who could not belong Still face to face with the times But times have moved on Wandering with nowhere to go Daydreams nobody knows Faces flow through the haze So easy to soak up the days Strangers, how can they find Solace in what’s left behind Whats left behind Such a lazy time in my life Such a lazy time in my life Such a lazy, lazy, lazy time in my life
Freedom 03:02
Freedom is a dream i had It teazed me To try to understand So beautiful; we kings, our calls...so helpless Our golden light, it comes to hide before us And what secrets we hold In the great picture shows of our lives And try as we might We can’t realise our own delight Falling freefall today Falling freefall today Sweet dreams they play for us Entranced; we charm ourselves Sweet dreams they come to us beguiled ; we fool ourselves
Goddess 02:49
(lyrics suggested..)
Heat 03:01
Summer breeze, what will you bring to me? Summer night, what will you hide Summer, summer heat; What do you know i believe Oh summer heat, you’re pulsing through me And the time has come Gonna throw away the past; it’s begun My time is here Gonna shake the shackles free Now that you’re near And i can feel my spirit rising now you’re here Summer breeze
Sphinx 04:05
And some will rise And some will fall Everyday we’re all up in flames But no ones forsaken And so to turn our thoughts to summertime Climb high above soft breezes With hawk in flight
When you were the siren you called to me You sung my name And how i came to you And we were the lovers strong We craved the light that could not belong Engulfed by the flame Victims, the thieves, the fools Yes we thanked them all Sometimes i just lay beside you still And dared to dream all the dreams and the lover’s spells That would make you become our waterfall So easy to lose ourselves So easy to let it fall But you know, you know, you know that nothing can ever change my love No, no, no nothing ever changes atall No nothing ever changes, changes in our waterfall.


This is the musical, folky version of the book wriiten "the wonder of this".

As such its meant as a kind of love letter to the quality of aliveness itself....the muse, freedom, spaciousness, consciousness, non duality, the beloved.... whatever word or notion suits you (...none matter ;) ).


released December 26, 2018


all rights reserved



david brockman UK

Thanks for listening.

Songwriter living near London.

All the best, David

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